Torso Zombies are a type of zombie appearing in the first and fourth stages of Evil Night.


Torso Zombies appear as a brown rotting corpse, showing bones and its ribcage. Its face has also rotten to the point the skull can be seen.


Torso Zombies usually jump from doors (in Course C) or trapdoors. They also appear in the elevator segment where it somehow manages to climb after the players in the elevator. Their main form of attack is a scratch/swipe, though they may also bite if their arms have been severed. Despite their comical appearance, Torso Zombies are one of the tougher enemies, requiring several shots to kill. They may additionally survive without their heads. In multiplayer, torso zombies can survive two magnum rounds.


  • Torso Zombies are an obvious nod to the Ebitan and Kageo (Mummy) zombies from The House of the Dead franchise.
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